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Principals of Medical Education

Authors: Dr Aeen Mohammadi, Dr Anahita Enzevaei, Dr Rita Mojtahedzadeh
Year of Publications: 2007
Number Of Pages: 285
ISBN: 964-8941-57-2
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Table of Contents:

Medical education is considered as one of the applied sciences which has been developed in some countries for many years, but in Iran is in the beginning of its way toward excellence.
Orientation to this field of science is necessary for not only medical education researchers but also all academic staffs from educational officers to faculty members and students. This book is mainly adapted from distance courses of Dundee University, which is one of the pioneers of medical education in the world. The book is to orient readers to principals of medical education, i.e. curriculum development, instruction and learning, assessment and student support.
In the first part of the book eight main concepts of curriculum development are introduced. Also, different approaches for curriculum development are reviewed. The final session of this part is going through quality assurance in medical education. In the second part, there is a review of some principals of assessment and readers are oriented with educational objectives, content analysis, summative and formative evaluation, criterion and reference based evaluation, validity and reliability. In the third part, principals of instruction and learning are discussed.
This book makes readers familiar with medical education and provides a basis for further studying.

Principals of Medical Education

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