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MOFFET' S Pediatrics Infectious Diseases

Authors: Translation: Setareh Mamishi,MD- Keyghobad Ghadiri,MD
Year of Publications: 2007
Number Of Pages: 898
ISBN: 978-964-8941-68-5
Price: 120000 Rials

Table of Contents:

Medicine is one of the highly honored sciences and it is essential for all medical practitioners to acquire the latest knowledge to be up to date. Although preventive programs, vaccination, and health policies are well developed, infectious diseases are on the top list of human challenges. Better diagnosis and treatment of immune deficient patients, transplantation in poor prognostic diseases, and… have yield to a higher life expectancy in these patients, but still they encounter severe infections. As medicine has become specialized more and more, pediatric infectious diseases have played a specific role in recent years. One of the best books in the field, entitled “MOFFET’s Pediatric Infectious Diseases”, is recently announced to be the reference book for the subspecialty of pediatrics infectious diseases in our country. Considering its simple and algorithmic writing style, the book is recommended for all medical practitioners, including subspecialty of pediatric infectious diseases, specialties of pediatric diseases and infectious diseases (and related residencies), general practitioners and medical students. Therefore, we decided to translate the book into Persian with the same scientific and simple writing style, to be more useful for our colleagues.

MOFFET' S Pediatrics Infectious Diseases

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