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A Historical Perspective of Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex

Authors: Gholamreza Nemanipour,Shams Shariat- Torbaghan MD, Alireza-Yalda MD,Abdolrahman-Rostamian MD, Majid-Gaffarpour MD. Hossain-Jabbari MD, Mohammadreza-Abbasi MD, Ebrahim Razmpa MD
Year of Publications: 2008
Number Of Pages: 759
ISBN: 976-964-8941-82-1
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The development of Medical School and high population growth rate dictated the establishment of different wards and new clinical fields in a move to run a well-equipped educational-treatment center in lines with implementation of avanguard programs. Therefore, the authorities of the state’s educational system and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs embarked on the establishment of a hospital to tackle upcoming problems . Based on these premises, a piece of land was bought, the present place of Imam Khomeini Hospital's( The former Pahlavi Hospital). A reputed German company took the reposibility of building the hospital being composed of the present Imam Khomeini Hospital, infections diseases ward and that of the Cancer Institute from 1938 to 1941.
The presence of distinguished scientific and academic figures from the early days of its establishment, beleveled this educational center with counterparting international centers.
The autorities of the Faculty of Medicine of Tehran University established Children's and Vali-e-Asr Hospitals (former Dr. Eqbal Hospital) and an outpatient clinic in 1969 and 1975 respectively.
After Iran's victorious Islamic Revolution, the development of the Hospital and its important centers such as the Center for Scientific Research and Medical Technology and the Bank for Organ Transplants in 1994, the Center for Imaging in 1995, the Center for Cancer Research in 1996, the Centers for Reproductive Health Research and for Nuclear Medicine in 1997, Neurological Research Center in 2004 and AIDS Researchcenter in 2005 were on the agenda.
Additionally, research has been regarded as an essential subject in close proximity to educational and treatment objectives in this complex Hospital and it has always achieved one of the highest ranks in education, research and treatment throughout the country and it has published papers in national and international journals by its robust educational and research systems and recruitment of students, resrdents and fellows.
This complex hospital presently has 242 faculty members, 4000 administrative and clinical staff, 1300 active beds and it is regarded as the largest and most advanced educational and medical center in Iran.

A Historical Perspective of Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex

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