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Breast Ultrasound

Authors: Dr.Nasrin Ahmadinejad, Dr. Taha Ahmadinejad, Dr. Golnaz Moradi, Dr. Kavous Firouznia
Year of Publications: 2013
Number Of Pages: 384
ISBN: 978-600-156-062-0
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Table of Contents:

  • 1. Introduction and Historical Development of Breast Ultrasound
  • 2. Basic Technical Principles of Breast Ultrasound
  • 3. Role of Ultrasound in the Evaluation of Breast Masses
  • 4. Practical Guidelines for Performing Breast Ultrasound
  • 5. Sonographic Anatomy of the female breast and Changes with Aging
  • 6. Sonographic Criteria for Differentiation of Benign and Malignant Breast Masses
  • 7. Pathology and Sonography of Malignant Breast Lesions
  • 8. Sonography of Benign Breast Lesions
  • 9. Sonography of Inflammatory Breast Diseases
  • 10. Sonography of the Axilla
  • 11. Sonography in the Follow-Up of Breast cancer
  • 12. Sonography of the Male Breast
  • 13. Role of Doppler Sonography in the Evaluation of Breast Lesions
  • 14. Ultrasound-Guided Interventional Procedures in Breast Lesions
  • 15. Three- Dimensional Sonography of Breast Masses
  • 16. Sonographic Evaluation of Breast Implants
  • 17. Documentation in Breast Ultrasound Using BIRADS
  • 18. New Techniques in Breast Ultrasound

Ultrasonography has become an indispensible imaging modality in the evaluation of breast disorders. It should be stressed that breast ultrasound is not in competition with other diagnostic modalities, especially radiographic mammography. Breast ultrasound complements mammography, rather than replacing it.
The physical examination, mammography, and cytology are the three traditional mainstays of breast diagnosis. Through these methods, it has been possible to reduce breast cancer mortality.
With the development of high-resolution ultrasound scanners, breast ultrasound gained a role in the early diagnosis of breast cancer. An experienced examiner using this imaging technique can detect small focal abnormalities within the dense breast parenchyma of young women. Since there is no ionizing radiation, even pregnant patients can be examined without risk.
As a result, ultrasound has become an integral part of the diagnostic management of focal breast lesions during the past 20 years.
This book is divided into 18 chapters. The first chapter includes a brief historical review of breast ultrasound. Subsequent chapters explore the current indications for breast ultrasound and its role as a diagnostic role. Guidelines are offered on selecting equipment and on the technique for performing a breast ultrasound examination. Since normal ultrasound findings depend on the age of the patient, attention is given to the changes in sonographic breast anatomy that occur normally with aging. A knowledge of these physiological changes is essential so that abnormalities can be recognized. The benign or malignant nature of breast lesions is assessed on the basis of standard sonographic views. The typical ultrasound features of specific breast lesions are illustrated, and criteria are presented for differentiating benign from malignant masses. This book also reviews sonography of the axilla and explores the role of ultrasound in the follow-up of breast cancer and in the augmented breast. A special chapter deals with Doppler sonography in the differential diagnosis of focal sonographic lesions, presenting guidelines for practical application and the interpretation of findings. Fine-needle aspiration and automated core biopsy of breast masses under sonographic guidance offer key advantages over mammographically guided needle procedures. The book concludes with a look at new trends in breast ultrasound, such as three-dimensional imaging, contrast agents application in breast ultrasound, Harmonic and Compound imaging and sonoelastography.
This book is intended to provide the examiner with a systematic framework for the practical performance of breast ultrasound. Explanations in the text are supported by numerous illustrations covering the sonographic features of the normal breast and of typical benign and malignant breast disorders.

Breast Ultrasound

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